Cylinder Head Rebuilding

Top-Of-The-Line Cylinder Head Rebuilding

Cylinder heads are an important part of a vehicles operation. Malfunctions in any components on a cylinder head may lead to multiple complex malfunctions. If you bring your cylinder heads to Arrow Engines well will send you home with an unparalleled warranty for our services. We trust our work and so should you.

Whether your car is foreign or domestic, we’ll handle your cylinder head rebuilding needs efficiently. You can also bring your engine to us for an engine dynamometer test. Speak to our friendly staff to learn about our complete list of services.

Cylinder Head Services include but are not limited to:

  • Foreign and domestic valve jobs
  • Truck, industrial and marine valve jobs
  • pressure testing
  • resurfacing
  • stock to all-out racing performance heads
  • aluminum welding
  • antique engines